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List of Indonesian Companies

List of Indonesian Companies

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Abrasive Product – Trade
Accumulator, Battery, Primary Cell – Trade
Activated Carbon – Importer
Adhesive & Glue – Trade
Advertising Agency
Agricultural Chemical
Agricultural Chemical – Trade
Agricultural, Horticultural & Forestry Machinery Equipment – Trade
Agricultural Machinery Tools – Trade
Agricultural Product Exporters
Agricultural Products - Importer
Agricultural Tools
Air Conditioners
Air Freshener – Trade
Airport Administration
Airport Equipment – Trade
Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy Ingot - Manufacturer
Aluminium – Trade
Aluminium – Trade
Ammonium Nitrate
Ammunition, Mine, Cartridge
Amusement Park And Arcade
Animal Feed & Concentrate For Cattle
Animal Feed & Concentrate For Chicken
Animal Feed & Concentrate For Fish
Animal Feed & Concentrate For Chicken
Animal Feed & Fodder – Trade
Asphalt & Bituminous Product
Asphalt Drying & Mixing Plant
Automotive Component Importers
Automotive Component Manufacturers
Awing, Canopy

Baby Food – Manufacturers
Bag – Trade
Battery For Motor Vehicle – Trade
Battery Manganese Dioxide (Alkaline) – Manufacturer
Ball, Needle & Roller Bearing – Manufacturers
Bearing & Bushing – Trade
Bed Linen Set – Trader
Bed Spread (Trader)
Beer – Trade
Bicycle – Trade
Biscuit And Crackers Manufacturers
Block For Building
Bolts & Nuts Trader
Book & Educational Material – Importer
Bottle And Packaging Tube – Plastic
Box, Cardboard Or Paperboard – Manufacturer
Brick – Manufacturer
Building Materials (Trade)
Building Materials (Trade)

Cable And Wire For The Electric & Electronic Industry
Cable & Wire For Telecommunication & Electronic – Manufacturers
Camping Equipment
Canvas And Duck
Cardboard & Corrugated Cardboard Packaging
Cardboard – Manufacturer
Carpet Manufacturer
Carpets - Importer
Cement – Manufacturers
Ceramic Tile
Ceramic Manufacturers
Chemical For Textile, Bleaching Agent – Manufacturers
Chemical For Fire Fighting
Chemical – Importer
Chemical Inorganic Acid & Anhydride
Chemical For Laboratory & Microbiology - Trade
Chemicals For Leather Industry
Chemical For Paint, Lacquer & Varnish Industry – Trade
Chemical For Pharmaceutical - Importers
Chemical For Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical & Auxilary For Rubber & Plastic
Chemical For Textile Industry
Chemical For Water Treatment – Manufacturer
Chemical For Various Use
Chemicals –Trade
Chemicals For Cosmetic, Perfumery, Detergent & Soap – Trade
Chocolate Block – Manufacturer
Cigarette – Exporter
Cinchona Bark
Circuit Breaker
Clothing Importer
Coal And Solid Fuel – Trade
Coal Mining Consultants
Coal Mining Companies
Coconut Coir
Coconut Product (Edible )
Coconut Milk (Powdered)
Coconut Products
Commercial Banks
Coffee (Instant) – Manufacturer
Coffee Plantation
Computer Hardware
Computer Network Systems
Computer Portable, Laptop, Notebook – Agents & Distributors
Confectionery (Sugar)
Consultant (Marketing & Sales )
Consultant (Mining Engineering)
Consultants (Coal Mining)
Consultants (Engineering & Electronic Engineering)
Consultant (Management)
Consultant (Petrochemical Engineering)
Contractors (Building)
Contractors (Building Housing)
Contractors (Civil Engineering)
Contractor (Electrical Installation)
Contractor (Mechanical Assembly)
Contractors (Railway & Underground Track)
Contractor (Road Making & Maintenance)
Contractor (Telecommunication Installation)
Controller  (Electric ), Starter & Regulator
Conveyor & Component – Importer
Conveyor Belt
Copper Mining Companies
Cosmetic & Toilet Preparation For Baby (Trade)
Cosmetic Importers
Cosmetic Manufacturers
Cotton – Trader
Cotton - Manufacturer
Cotton Fabric, For Clothing & Household Linen
Coupling, Clutch & Brake For Industrial Use – Importers
Courrier Service
Crude Palm Oil
Crane, Hoist, Winch - Importer
Crane, Hoist, Winch – Trader
Curtain – Trader
Cushion Upholstery – Trade
Cutting Tools, Carbide Tipped

Department Stores
Detergent Manufacturer
Diamonds - Trade
Diesel Engine, Combustion & Turbine Spare Part – Trade
Diesel Engine - Trade
Diesel Engine Spare Part – Importer
Disinfectant – Trader
Dyeing And Finishing For Textile Fibre And Yarn
Dyes For Textile – Distributor
Dyes For Textile – Importer
Dyes For Textiles – Manufacturers

Edible Oil & Fat – Manufacturer
Electric Lamp
Electric Lighting Equipment (Outdoor) – Manufacturer
Electric Power Distribution Equipment
Electric Power Plant (Geothermal)
Electrical & Electronic Products – Importer
Electricity Meter
Electricity Production And Distribution
Electronic Products
Embroidery (Handmade)
Embroidery – Machine Made
Essential Oil
Exercise Book – Manufacturer
Explosive, Gunpowder & Detonator Pyrotechnical – Trade

Fertiliser - Trader
Filing Cabinet – Manufacturers
Film Production
Fire Extinguisher (Foam)
Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers
Fire Fighting Equipment (Trade)
Flooring, Paving, And Tiling Contractor
Flower (Artificial)
Food And Beverage Importers
Food & Beverage Manufacturer
Food & Beverage (Chemical & Natural Derivated Additive)
Footwear Manufacturer (Ladies )
Footwear Manufacturer (Leather)
Footwear Manufacturer (Mens)
Footwear Manufacturer (Sports)
Footwear Component
Footwear Importer
Footwear – Manufacturer
Forklift Truck – Trader
Frozen Seafood
Fruit (Tropical & Subtropical )
Furniture - Trade
Furniture – Trade (Hospital & Clinic )
Furniture Manufacturers (Wooden )
Gardening Supply – Trade
Garments (Ladies Casual Wear)
Garments (Ladies - Readymades)
Garments ( Men’s- Readymades - Trader)
Gearbox – Importer
General Consultants
General Importers
General Traders
Generator Set ,Diesel Engine - Importers
Glass & Glassware – Manufacturer
Glass Container & Bottle – Manufacturer
Glass – Importer
Gold & Silverware
Grinding Machine – Importer

Hand Tools Trader
Handbags For Women
Handicrafts – Trade
Hardware – Trader
Herbal Medicine
Herbicide – Manufacturer
Honey (Trade)
Hospital Equipments
Household Appliances (Trade)
Household Articles Importers
Household And Kitchen Supply – Manufacturer

Indian Store
Industrial Machinery
Ink (Printing)- Manufacturer
Ink, Toner Cartridge (Printing) – Trade
Insect Repellent
Insecticide – Trade
Instant Noodle Manufacturers
Iron & Steel – Importer
Iron Casting – Trader
Iron Ore
Irrigation & Watering System & Equipment – Trade
Information Technology Consultant


Kitchen Articles ( Metal, Enamelled ) – Trade
Kitchen Furniture
Kitchen Articles (Plastic ) & Tableware Traders
Kitchenware (Stainless Steel) Manufacturers
Knives Manufacturers
Knife – Trade

Laboratory Equipments
Laboratory Glassware
Leather Tanned & Cured – Manufacturer
Leather – Textile Leather & Fancy Goods
Leather And Leather Products
Leather Garment
Leather Working & Saddlery Machinery
Life Saving & Protective Equipment (Trade)

Machine Tools
Machinery (Construction ), Earth Moving & Road Making Equipment – Importer
Machinery ( Food & Beverage) – Importer
Machinery (Oil & Gas Extraction) – Importer
Machinery ( Plastic Processing)– Trade
Machinery & Equipment For Metalworking – Trade
Manganese Ore
Manganese Compound
Marble – Producer
Marble & Granite (Trader
Marble Products - Manufacturer
Mattress (Trader)
Measuring Instrument
Meat – Importers
Medical & Surgical Instrument – Importers
Medical Disposable Items (Trader)
Medium Density Fibreboard
Milk & Milk Product, Cream
Milk, Dried For Baby
Milk Importer
Mining & Quarrying Machinery & Equipment – Trade
Motor Car Body Component Spare Part – Importers
Motor Vehicle & Component Importers
Motor Vehicle Importers

Natural Stones

Oil (Vegetable) and Fat
Oil & Gas Industry Equipment – Importer
Oil Companies
Oil Refinery
Optical Glass And Lense

Paper Packaging, Bag & Sack – Manufacturers
Packaging, Plastic – Classified By Material
Paint & Primer
Paper – Importers
Paper – Manufacturers
Pesticides – Trade
Pesticide – Manufacturer
Petroleum - Crude
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Production Plant & Equipment – Trade
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Production Plant & Equipment
Pharmaceutical Distributors
Pharmaceutical Importers
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Pigment & Colour (Synthetic)
Pipe, Plastic – Trade
Pipe & Tube – Ferrous_Importer
Pipes & Tubes Non-Ferrous (Trade)
Pipeline Construction
Plastic Bag Manufacturers
Plastic Product, Domestic Articles – Manufacturers
Plastic Product For The Electrical & Electronic Industry – Manufacturers
Plastic Product (Miscellaneous ) – Manufacturers
Polyester Fibres Manufacturers
Polyethylene (Pe)
Port And Harbour Administrations
Precious & Semi Precious Stone
Pump - Importer

Railway & Tram Carriage & Wagon
Railcar & Tram (Locomotive)
Railway & Underground Track Contractor
Railway Transport Service
Railway Rolling Stock (Trade)
Renewable Energy Equipment, Part & Accessories
Rice – Trader
Road Making Machinery & Equipment
Rubber & Plastic Product – Importer

Sanitary Equipment & Bathroom Accessories (Importer)
Sanitary Ware - Trade
Scales (Trade)
Scientific Instuments & Teaching Apparatus – Trade
Seafood – Trade
Security Equipment – Trade
Soap – Manufacturer
Solar Energy Equipment – Trade
Spice Importers
Stainless Steel (Trade)
Steel Bar - Manufacturer
Steel Casting - Manufacturer
Steel Hoop - Manufacturers
Steel Flats/ Plates/ Strips – Cold Rolled – Manufacturers
Steel Production Machinery & Equipment – Trade
Steel Sheet & Strip (Galvanised ) – Manufacturers
Sugar Manufacturer
Supermarket & Hypermarket
Switch - Electric

Tableware, Porcelain – Manufacturer
Tableware (Stainless Steel) Traders
Telecommunication Equipments Importers
Textile (Cotton) – importers
Textile Machine Part & Accessories – Trade
Textile Machinery
Textile Importers
Textile Companies – Trade
Tractor & Power Cultivator – Trade
Tractor Component & Accessories – Trade
Traffic Light Installation
Transformer – Trader
Transmission Equipment – Trade
Tyre & Inner Tube – Trade
Tyre For Truck/ Lorry – Trade
Tyre Manufacturers

Valve (Metal ), Cock, Tap & Fitting – Importer
Valve (Plastic ), Cock, Tap & Fitting – Importer
Veterinary Preparation – Importer
Veterinary Preparation – Manufacturers

Washing Machine
Water Treatment – Service
Water Treatment – Service
Water Treatment & Purification Plant Design & Development

Yarn (Cotton ) – Importer
Yarn And Twist Traders
Yarn – Trader

Zinc & Zinc Alloy Ingot
Zinc & Zinc Alloy Ingot
Zinc Manufacturing Companies
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